Its one thing having a great idea, but it is very likely that the bigger the idea, the bigger the team that will be required to move the project forwards. Therefore it is essential that all team members coordinate their efforts in order to achieve the end goal.


We carefully select the right people to head up each element of a project to ensure continuity and progress. Where possible we utilise the skill sets of professionals we have worked with in the past introducing new members to the team where required.


Vikki Meagher
Managing Director

Vikki is a creative problem solver and business development visionary. But she also intuitively understands that the sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts. She nurtures all the relationships we need to grow and ensure success for all involved.

Our very own home grown Aussie, originally from Tasmania, Vikki left her beautiful island state and moved to Sydney to start her career in the travel industry when she was in her late teens.

She worked for a firm who quickly saw how resourceful she was and fast-tracked her in the company. Her M.D although continually challenging her, was one of her greatest mentors and who remains even now – one of her closest friends and sources of inspiration.

When she took a break for her “2 year” working holiday and came to the UK, the company she worked for in Australia asked her to set up their London operation. She did this but then quickly realised if she could do this for them, she could absolutely do this for herself and not just businesses but products as well. And so it began…!


Bob Gwilliam
Director of Operations

Bob has a love of systemisation and is passionate about finding ways to improve systems both internally and externally. He is our ‘details’ man - perfecting the business structure, analysing data, measuring results against forecasts, making informed decisions about change management, training the team and implementing procedures.

In the early part of his career Bob studied and qualified as a Precision Engineer and whilst he thoroughly enjoyed that path, he didn’t enjoy working for other people! At 23 he set up his first company as a driving instructor, and the rest as they say is history.

He retrained later in his career in I.T, and is a great teacher and educator, having the patience of a saint and loves bringing out the best in people. He is quick to see where people and situations can flourish, and patient enough to take the time to make it happen.

Bob has a natural ability to see the big picture whilst maintaining harmony between all the players.